Top 5 Evolving Cloud Computing Trends in 2021

April 07, 2021

The ongoing pandemic and other worldwide turn of events have pushed businesses to adapt to digital transformation more quickly, which has changed most of the predictions for 2021. However, the technology predictions have in fact strengthened more than ever because in these changing times the top trending technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of things) have come up with many wonderful use cases of helping us survive and adapt to the situations.

There is no doubt in saying that cloud computing has proved to be the most relevant and emerging technology among all. Today, data-driven, app-based technology ecosystem revolves around cloud computing, helping us to manage this change. Cloud services have reshaped and revolutionized everything from home delivery services to working from home thus propelling and accelerating this change industry wide. A report by Technavio shows worldwide market estimates for the adoption of cloud services between 2020-24.

Cloud Computing Trends 2021

This adoption of cloud models is here to stay and emerge extensively in 2021 and following are some of ways to answer How?

  1. Collapsing of barriers between providers due to Multi-cloud approaches.

    Practically in present scenario, all industries are rapidly moving towards hybrid or multi-cloud environments because there is a requirement to deploy cloud infrastructure across multiple models but the current dominating public cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft & Google act as a one-stop shop for an organization’s cloud, data & computing requirements. This means that there is a growing demand to create bridges among their platforms. Hence, adopting a more collaborative approach will benefit their users (organizations) by allowing them to seamlessly share data with their partners across different platforms.

  2. Improvements in the efficiency and speed of cloud computing using AI.

    Cloud will continue to allow budget friendly revolutionary AI toolsets such as image recognition and language processing to become more widely accepted and implemented by enterprises across all sectors and industries which will lead to their increased productivity and efficiency. Smarter AI Algorithms delivered through cloud services for Smart city infrastructure, Autonomous vehicles and even Pandemic response planning are a few needs of the hour.

  3. Similar to music and movies, games will be increasingly transferred to the cloud.

    It’s been predicted by industry experts that the days, when it was a need to spend thousands of dollars every year on new gaming hardware to stay at the edge of gaming, may come to an end very soon because of the cloud-gaming. Cloud gaming will revolutionize the game industry just the way it revolutionized the industry of music and movies. Amazon recently joined forces with tech giants & startups that offer their platform for cloud gaming. In 2020, Microsoft, Google and Nvidia also started to provide cloud services towards gaming.

  4. The demand of Hybrid and on-premise cloud solutions will rise.

    Market leaders such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM have realized that there is a growing need for different platforms and approaches within organizations for utilizing public cloud to provide content delivery while storing and processing customer data and other controlled information via private or on-premise solutions. Hybrid or multi-cloud environments, where users can pick and choose the individual elements of service providers’ offerings, suiting their needs, have grown in demand leading evolvement of cloud services throughout 2021.

  5. Office work for most of us will be done on Virtual Cloud Desktops.

    “Desktop-as-a-service” is one of the cloud services offered by Amazon, Microsoft as well as Google. It is basically where the entire environment of our workstation is delivered as a managed cloud service to our laptop or desktop screen where we work. This is an effective way of eliminating the cost of hardware updates incurred by organizations because they can pay by-the-hour subscriptions for the time their employees spend working at their machines. One of the many benefits also includes “Security” as all devices can be managed in a centralized way, rather than having to make sure everyone on the network is following best practice. Allowing such flexibility is giving rise to the increasing popularity of Virtual Cloud Desktops in the near future.

Cloud services are here to stay and evolve because of its many benefits and immense possibilities and if you are looking to opt them for your business, we are here to help you. Check out the various cloudservices that Datamorphosis offer.